Friday, September 5, 2008

rice activity

I did this rice activity with the girls, and they loved it! (little did they know it was educational) It told me a lot about where they were in their abilities. I knew Kylie was more coordinated, but I didn't realize the extent of the differences. It was interesting!

I started with pouring a bag of rice in a large bowl, and had Kylie hold the funnel over a pan while Stella scooped rice from the bowl into the funnel. Then they switched. I then had 3 different sized small bowls for them to fill-up, but like before, one had to hold the funnel, and one had to pour the rice, and then they had to agree when the bowl was full, or if it needed more. This encouraged them to work together and trust each other. I didn't let the one pouring to touch the funnel, and vice versa. We talked about how many scoops it took to fill up each bowl, and why it was less scoops when Kylie did it (her scooper was always full) than when Stella did it (her scooper was barely half-full).

After they both had a turn filling the bowls, I then had them each hold their own funnel while they filled up bowls. Kylie had no problem with this; Stella, on the other hand, spilled her rice all over creation with her first try, and opted to just fill-up the pan instead of the small bowls. I think with practice Stella will get much better with her hand-eye coordination (at least I hope so!).

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