Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Rainbow of Colors

Is it just me, or is everyone posting about rainbows lately?? Maybe it's a March or St. Patty's Day thing to do? Well I decided jump on the bandwagon... kind-of. Today the girls and I talked about primary colors and the color wheel, and then made our own.

Paper Plate Rainbow...
We started by painting a rainbow to get us in the mood. Cut a paper plate in half, paint with correct colors (in order).

Primary Color Circles
I took a large sheet of paper and a bowl and traced 3 circles at the top. The girls painted the circles the primary colors.

I then traced overlapping circles and the girls painted the primary colors and then the color that those two colors make.

Age-Appropriate Color Wheel...

Finally I traced a pizza pan and then divided it into sixths. We painted the primary colors first, so it was easy to figure out where the other colors fit in.

Educational Art... Love it!

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