Monday, November 10, 2008

hurdles for kids

GOOD ONES, I promise!I was so excited to find this post, on a new-to-me blog this morning. It's raining today, and we've already had 2 good snow storms. Being cooped up for the winter with 2 lively preschoolers and a baby is already weighing me down, and I can use any good idea I can find for indoor physical activities that won't break windows, bones and don't take tons of room. If you have any more ideas along those lines, will you please PLEASE share?

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Anonymous said...

=) Another way is to think of all the different ways to move a ping pong ball (throwing, batting, popping it from a fist, blowing, using your nose, flicking it, pushing it with your elbow. If you do each style for two minutes to some lively music, it will take a good twenty-thirty minutes and use up a lot of pent-up energy. Have fun.