Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nativity "Go Fish"

Click here to choose between the black and white or color version of the cards to print out.

Directions: Shuffle the deck of cards. Deal each player four cards and place the remaining cards face down. Each player takes a turn asking another player for a specific card. (Players can only ask for cards from a set that they already have a card of.) If the person has any cards of that set they must give up all of them to the person who asked for them. If the person doesn't have the card they're being asked for they say, "Keep Trying" and the player then draws a card from the stack and their turn is over.

When a player has a complete set of four cards they show the rest of the group and place them in front of them on the table or floor. Play continues until all the cards have been placed down. If a player has no more cards they draw one from the deck. If the deck is gone the person must wait until the game is over.

Example: There are three players. Player one has a card with the baby Jesus and asks player three if they have any cards with the baby Jesus. Player three doesn't have any and says, "Keep Trying" and player one draws a card. Player two (who also has a card with the baby Jesus) asks player one if they have any, which player one gives to player two. Player two's turn is over. Play continues until all the sets of cards have been placed down. The player with the most sets wins.

Notes: You can print the cards on card stock, cut them out, and then laminate them so they will last longer. They're also easier to play with when they're not rough.
For younger children you can remove half the cards (in sets) from the deck and only deal two cards per player. When someone has two in a set they can discard them.


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