Saturday, December 20, 2008

Paper Lanterns

This was fun, multi-step project that all of my kids got to participate in (that's not as easy as it sounds when the kids are 21 mo, 3 yrs, and 4 1/2 yrs!).
1. We started by painting red and green construction paper with white paint, using paint/clay rollers (I still wonder how we ever got along with these!)

2. Fold paper in half, long-ways, painted side facing out. Cut along folded side, about 1" apart, stopping about 1" from edge. Cut the last strip off to use for the handle later.

3. Open paper, then glue short sides together. Glue handle to inside.

*We used red and green paper, but this is certainly something that can be used year-round with different colors. I keep thinking bright colors, glitter, and jewels for Cinco de Mayo!

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