Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Organizing Cubes

I've had these wonderful shelving units with cubes/bins for over a year now. They are perfect for stashing anything and everything into. However, the kids never had any idea what was in them, so they would...
(a) go ignored (meaning toys were not played with) or
(b) get dumped out to see what was inside (meaning a nice big mess for me to clean up) or
(c) my lovely "helpful" husband would shove anything on the floor into any bin looked good that day (meaning yet another unorganized hidden mess).
A couple months ago I had the idea to take pictures of the inner contents. Great idea, right? Sure, but I couldn't come up with a way to attach the pictures with anything but packaging tape (too tacky, I wanted cute!). A couple nights ago it hit me: contact paper and ribbon! I put contact paper on both sides of the pictures, hole-punched, and tied ribbon to the handles of the cubes. It's cute, it's organized, and (everyone cross your fingers with me here) will help my kids play with and put away their toys!

1 comment:

Bart & KayLyn said...

Great idea! I've had the same problem with keeping them organized and haven't figured out a solution. I'll definetely follow suit!