Monday, February 2, 2009

whose shoes?

Just a tip to help with the smooth running of your household...

My kids are all 17 months apart, and they are to the age where the difference in their sizes is shrinking, especially with shoes. So I adopted a little organizational strategy to help keep all of us sane: the dot strategy. Kylie is 1 dot, Stella is 2 dots, and Chasen is 3 dots (yes, birth order).

Let me demonstrate my favorite example...
This is what we see when it's time to put the kids' boots on. Kind-of hard to figure out whose is whose, right?

So on the bottom of the boots I put their personal dots...

Now, when it's time for the kids to put on their boots, they have no problems finding their own pair. Even Chasen (23 months) can find his own! And when Kylie outgrows her pair, I'll just add a dot, and poof! -Stella has a new pair of boots.

This works really well with practically anything that will get passed down through the kids, and let me tell you it makes sorting laundry a lot easier when I need help (like from the husband or grandparents) since the size doesn't always tell you who the shirt might belong to!

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