Friday, January 30, 2009

Heart Mobile

1. Paint a large piece of this paper, covering the entire piece (I used the back of office calendars my husband brought home from work).

2. To add a little dimension and flair, when the paint had dried for about 20 minutes, we dipped heart-shaped cookie cutters in white paint and stamped.

3. I let the paper dry overnight, then traced 2 different sized hearts on the back, and then my 4 year-old cut them out (my 3 year-old isn't that "smooth" with her cutting yet). It really doesn't matter how many hearts you cut, as long as you have an even number of each size. Cut a piece of string or yarn to desired length.

4. Lay out the yarn and position half of the hearts, face-down. Tape each heart to the yarn like shown below.

5. Glue the leftover hearts to their counterparts.

6. I put heavy books over the hearts while they dried (overnight) to make sure they were flat. Hang up and enjoy!

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