Friday, January 23, 2009

What I Love Wall

Our pantry door has been white and plain ever since we took down our Thankful Turkey. I had been thinking that in February, we could do a "What I love" door instead. I was going to wait until February 1st, but that only gives us 14 days. So I just decided. We're starting today.

I'm about to head down to the basement where I get to watch Joshua play trains, and I'm taking stacks of pink, purple and red construction paper with me to cut out plenty of hearts. I'm thinking at least one heart per day per vocal person in the family. 23 days X 4 talkers = 92 hearts Sometimes, I really wish I had that cricut that's so popular here. Anyway, we're just going to write one thing we LOVE each day on the heart and stick it on the door. Come to think of it, 92 hearts is a lot for the door, so we might let them flutter all around the kitchen.

I also want to make a list where we can write things we LOVE about other family members.

I'll update with pictures after we start sharing the love.

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