Monday, October 20, 2008

beginning sounds

Stella (my 3-year old) has a hard time with beginning sounds. She knows her letters, and can tell you what sound they each make, but when I ask her what "dog" starts with, I get this blank stare. So I dug out my favorite picture cards from teaching...

These are the best little picture cards I've found. Every picture is an actual photo, not some corny cartoon drawing (which don't get me wrong, those can be pretty cute). And there are tons of activities you can do with these.

To help Stella with her beginning sounds, I went through the cards and pulled out several that started with /p/, /b/, & /t/. I then wrote the letters on a dry erase board, and had her say each picture out loud (so I could make sure she was pronouncing them correctly, she has a bit of a lisp), then together we would listen for the beginning sound, and sort it accordingly. It was a slow start, but she loved the "game", and soon she was able to figure out the beginning sounds without my help.

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